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Leadership Morgan Hill Alumni On The Move

One of the purposes of LMH is to provide programs that enable our alumni to learn about Morgan Hill and opportunities to get involved. We are proud to showcase our alumni, who have contributed their time and talents and made an impact on our beloved community. 

Angelia Guglielmo - 2019 People to Watch - GMH (February 2019)

Matt Wendt - 2019 People to Watch - GMH (February 2019)

Steve Tate - Our Man Tate - GMH Today (January 2019)

Byron Kelley - 2018 People To Watch - GMH Today (Feb/March 2018)

Peggy Martin - 2018 People To Watch - GMH Today (Feb/March 2018)

Sandra McNeal - Chamber of Commerce with Sandra McNeal: Community helps students learn to interview - MH Life

Theresa Kiernan - Communicating With Wit And Humor - GMH Today (May/June 2017)

Cecilia Ponzini - Straight from the heart - GMH Today 2015